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Shunyo SH-18ISF 18" Industrial Stand Fan

RM 189.00 RM 240.00


  • Compact design 
  • With 3 Speed Control 
  • Oscillation function
  • Japan Technology 
  • Motor with thermofuse 
  • Local manufactured 
  • Wattage : 108W

Convenient and Reliable 

Keep cool and comfortable always with SHUNYO Industrial Stand Fan SH-18ISF. The transparent plastic blades and the new condenser motor deliver a pleasant breeze, giving you maximum cooling comfort. The SHUNYO Industrial Stand Fan SH-18ISF is lightweight and perfect for small rooms and spaces. The transparent plastic blades also mean that it is easy to detect dust accumulating and easy to clean. The stand base of the fan is also detachable meaning it is easy to pack the SHUNYO Industrial Stand Fan SH-18ISF and keep it away. 

Safety Prioritised 

It is completed with a thermal safety fuse that removes all worry of overheating motors or sudden electrical surges that may damage the fan. Now you do not have to worry about your family and your property anymore thanks to the SHUNYO Industrial Stand Fan SH-18ISF priority for safety. 

Speed and Spin 

With the availability of three speeds, you can choose the speed of the fan that you desire. The fan would never be too fast or too slow for you with this function. The SHUNYO Industrial Stand Fan SH-18ISF also comes with the ability to oscillate and is controlled with a pull switch. Now you can feel the wind in the whole room or direct it only towards the place you want it to.

Fan Blade Unique Design 

With the innovation from Japan technology, our fan blade was invented in a way to fit the demand of our consumer. The unique design which allows smoother and stronger wind circulation, creates a strong breeze just for your need to overcome the hot weather.