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Toshiba 55U9650VM 55˝ 4K UHD SMART LED TV

RM 4,199.00 RM 4,999.00
  • Screen size : 55"
  • Resolution : 3840 x 2160
  • Active Motion & Resolution : AMR+400
  • Speaker output : 8W + 8W
  • HDMI : 3
  • USB : 2
  • Power Consuption : 150W

With TOSHIBA Pro Theatre U series, Ultra HD 4K Panel expresses picture quality four times as detailed in pixel as Full HD. Furthermore, CEVO 4K Engine optimizes every detail of picture and color output to achieve 'real as it is' picture quality to maximize your emotions. Detailed as real. Colorful as real. This is the ultimate combination for ultimate beauty of picture quality.

Wide Color Gamut
TV images lose their original color when they're transmitted as signals to appear on the monitor. Wide Color Gamut is there to restore the original color of the images to look as natural and colorful as they should be.

4K Resolution+
Full HD contents are turned into quality closer to Ultra HD 4K. While 4K TV is more popular in the TV market, 4K contents are yet to be fully available. This does not mean we'll just sit and wait for the contents to come. TOSHIBA has prepared 4K Resolution+ which makes already-good Full HD picture quality to be even better. The pursuit of beauty never stops with Pro Theatre U series.

Bright ON
Ultimate algorithm to enhance brightness. With this feature, TV is enabled to realize wide shades of brightness. Brightness of sunrise, texture of flower petal, everything looks perfect when they shine “properly”. Finding appropriate brightness is essential for ultimate beauty of image quality.

Contrast Booster
Accurate picture contrast is to show things as realistic as they are. This feature emphasizes and maximizes the depth of picture color. As a result, any objects you watch on TV, you feel like they are there for real.

Active Motion & Resolution (AMR+)
Crisp and clear images of fast-moving action sequence. Usually images become blur when you watch a fast-moving scene, but that will not happen with AMR+'s complex algorithm which captures every moment in detail, so you'll not miss anything when watching sports or action movies.

3D Noise Filter
This feature reduces TV picture noise by quickly comparing a scene on the monitor with multiple scenes before and after the scene. Noise-less picture is the base to achieve ultimate image quality.

IPS Panel
IPS panel ensures that you can enjoy all contents in the same vivid quality from any angle in your living room.

App Store
Cloud-based application platform that updates constantly. Convenience is another important aspect for Pro Theatre U series. You can enjoy all convenient applications downloaded from the App Store in 4K quality.

Screen Mirroring
Your days of limited excitement of smartphone or tablet are over. Pro Theatre U series with a mirroring function can quickly and easily connect to your Smart phone or tablet to display the contents into the big screen. Maximize your excitement with Pro Theatre U series.

Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL)
Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) brings you two big advantages - One is connection with your smartphone or tablet to display all the contents on the big TV screen. The other is electric power charge which your Smart phone or tablet is automatically charged when connected to TV to enjoy the contents almost endlessly. Pro Theatre U series can stay right by your side to enhance your life with Smart devices. *MHL connection is available with compatible mobile phones only.

Personal Video Recording
With Pro Theatre U series, you don’t have to adjust your lifestyle to watch what you want because Toshiba will adjust for you. You can easily record and play back terrestrial digital TV programs with storage devices (USB Flash drives or HDDs)*. EPG (Electronic Program Guide) will help you quickly search, reserve, and record your intended TV programs.

Dolby Audio
Pro Theater U series supports Dolby Audio which enables you to extend its sound system up to 7.1. Enjoy theatre-like audio experience right at home.

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